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Module Variables

This section covers all variables available in code compiled with webpack. Modules will have access to certain data from the compilation process through module and other variables. (webpack-specific)

Indicates whether or not Hot Module Replacement is enabled and provides an interface to the process. See the HMR API page for details.

import.meta.webpackHot (webpack-specific)

An alias for, however import.meta.webpackHot can be used in strict ESM while can't.

__dirname (NodeJS)

Depending on the configuration option node.__dirname:

If used inside an expression that is parsed by the Parser, the configuration option is treated as true.

__resourceQuery (webpack-specific)

The resource query of the current module. If the following require call was made, then the query string would be available in file.js.

__resourceQuery === '?test';

__webpack_modules__ (webpack-specific)

Access to the internal object of all modules.

__webpack_hash__ (webpack-specific)

It provides access to the hash of the compilation.

__webpack_public_path__ (webpack-specific)

Equals the configuration option's output.publicPath.

__webpack_chunkname__ (webpack-specific)

Access to name of current chunk.

__webpack_runtime_id__ (webpack-specific)

Access the runtime id of current entry.