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The following Node.js options configure whether to polyfill or mock certain Node.js globals.

  • Type: boolean 'warn'

See the Node.js documentation for the exact behavior of this object.


  • true: Provide a polyfill.
  • false: Provide nothing. Code that expects this object may crash with a ReferenceError.
  • 'warn': Show a warning when using global.


  • Type: boolean 'mock' | 'warn-mock' | 'eval-only'


  • true: The dirname of the input file relative to the context option.
  • false: Webpack won't touch your __dirname code, which means you have the regular Node.js __dirname behavior. The dirname of the output file when run in a Node.js environment.
  • 'mock': The fixed value '/'.
  • 'warn-mock': Use the fixed value of '/' but show a warning.
  • 'eval-only'