Quick start

Get up to speed quickly with a new Rspack based project.

Creating project using scaffolding

Using Rsbuild

You can scaffold a simple project setup using Rsbuild directly. Invoke the following command:

npm create rsbuild@latest

Then follow the input prompts in your terminal.

Using the Rspack CLI

You can scaffold a simple project setup using the Rspack CLI directly. Invoke the following command:

npm create rspack@latest

Then follow the input prompts in your terminal.

Community Toolchain

There are already a few Rspack-based toolchains in the community:

  • If you need to build a web application, we recommend using Rsbuild.
  • If you want to build a static site, you can try Rspress.
  • If you're looking for a React framework to build a web application, you can try Modern.js Framework.
  • If you want a fast and production-ready setup that works in a standalone and monorepo environment and comes with built-in tooling, you can try Nx.


Rsbuild is an Rspack-based build tool for the web. The main goal of Rsbuild is to provide out-of-the-box build capabilities for Rspack users, allowing developers to start a web project with zero configuration.

Rsbuild integrates high-performance Rust-based tools from the community, including Rspack and SWC, to provide first-class build speed and development experience.

Learn more about Rsbuild in the official documentation.

If you need to migrate a Create React App (CRA) application to Rspack, you can follow the CRA migration guide and use Rsbuild for a quick migration.


Rspress is a static site generator based on Rspack. It provides a complete solution for building static sites and includes the following features:

  • 🚀 Fast Startup: Based on Rust-based build tool and markdown/mdx compiler, the build speed is extremely fast, bringing you the ultimate development experience.
  • 📚 MDX Support: MDX is a powerful way to write content, allowing you to use React components in Markdown.
  • 📦 Built-in Full Text Search: Automatically generates a full-text search index for you during building process, providing out-of-the-box full-text search capabilities.
  • 🌈 Static Site Generation: In production, it automatically builds into static HTML files, which can be easily deployed anywhere.
  • 🔌 Providing Plugin System: Providing a plugin system, you can customize the build process and theme according to your needs.

Learn more about Rspress in the official documentation.


Modern.js Framework is a Rspack-based progressive React framework that provides a complete solution for building web applications. It supports nested routes, server-side rendering, and provides out-of-the-box CSS solutions such as styled components and Tailwind CSS.

Learn more about Modern.js in the official documentation.

Using Nx

The fastest way to get up to speed quickly and leverage Rspack and React in a production-ready setting is to use the dedicated Rspack Nx plugin. This gives you a pre-configured setup, integrating Rspack with React, TypeScript, ESLint, Jest, and Cypress for e2e testing.

Run the following command to set up a new Nx workspace with React and Rspack:

npx create-nx-workspace myrspackapp --preset=@nx/rspack

The pre-configured setup is already ready to work with Rspack, TypeScript, TSX and React. In addition it also comes with Jest and Cypress for testing and ESLint for linting.

Once created you can simply npm start (or pnpm start or yarn start) to start the development server. You can also run npm run build (or pnpm run build or yarn run build) to build the application for production and similarly run npm run test (or pnpm run test or yarn run test) to run the unit tests.

You can learn more about Nx at https://nx.dev.

Manual installation


We'll start by creating a project directory, generating an NPM package.json, and then installing @rspack/cli locally:

mkdir rspack-demo
cd rspack-demo
npm init -y
npm install -D @rspack/cli