Migrate Storybook

If you're using Storybook 7.0 for React with Webpack5, it's possible to use Rspack using an experimental builder.

Updating dependencies

First, we need to add storybook-react-rspack dependency, and uninstall the @storybook/react-webpack5 dependency.

  "dependencies": {
-   "@storybook/react-webpack5": "^7"
+   "storybook-react-rspack": "latest"

Configure Storybook

Then, make the corresponding change to the Storybook main.js config:

export default {
-  framework: '@storybook/react-webpack5'
+  framework: 'storybook-react-rspack'


There is a example here react-storybook


Support for Storybook 7.0 is still experimental, and there are some limitations:

  1. There is no support for non-React frameworks,
  2. There is no support for NextJS, which is its own framework

There is also incomplete docgen support to automatically generate controls from components. Rspack is currently compatible with the following main.js configuration, however this has known issues and is a work in progress.

export default {
  typescript: {
    reactDocgen: 'react-docgen',